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Tubular Glass Level Indicator

Technical Specification :
Tubular Level gauge for visual liquid level observation is very common in process industry. It is a simple and reliable device for direct reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank applications. It is mounted parallel, along the side of tank. As the process level fluctuates, the level in the transparent glass tube changes accordingly and gives local liquid indication.

Technical Specification :
New Bolted Gland with teflon packing ensures positive leaktighnes for full vacuum as well as 10kg/cm2 pressure service.

Sturdy Protection :
Glass tube is protected by box section made out of two M.S.channels Beam strength of the guard is so good that even if man stands on the indicator supported at two ends, the tube remains intact.

Light Weight :
75% less in weight compared to Reflex and Transparent liquid level indicators. Extraordinary strength but less bulky.

Excellent Visibility :
16/19/25mm O.D Borosilicate glass gives excellent visibility. Surface tension effects are eliminated.

Test Pressure :
Full vacuum and/or 10 kg/cm² compressed Air.
Tubular Glass Level Indicator, Mumbai, India
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