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Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

Elastic elements when subjected to pressure get deformed. This deformation when measured gives an indication of the applied pressure. These elements may be in the form of Diaphragm, Bourdan Tube, Capsules, Bellows, Helical Tube. Etc. These deformations can be measured by mechanical means
Pressure Gauges

Technical Specification

  • Dial Size :  2 ½", 4", 6" , 8", 10"
  • Case & Bezel : SS 304/ Die Cast Aluminium Weather Proof 
  • Window : Toughened Glass, Plain Glass, Acrylic Glass
  • Pointer : Micro Zero or center zero adjustable
  • Movement Material : SS 304/Brass
  • Bourden Material : SS 316/Brass
  • Socket Material : SS 316/Brass
  • Entry : Bottom Back
  • Mounting : Direct, Panel, Surface
  • Connection : ¼", 3/8",  ½",  ¾ " and 1" BSP, NPT, Metric thread, Male/Female, adj./fixed
  • Accuracy : + 1% of F.S.D. 
  • Over Range Protection : 125 % of F.S.D.
  • Other Fittings : Blow out disc, Snubber, Bracket etc.
Bourden Type Pressure Gauge Capsule Gauge Glycerine Filled Gauges
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